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What is the U-Factor?

  • The U-Factor is a measure of how well the window or door keeps heat inside the structure or home.


What is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

  • The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) represents the amount of heat going into a house. The lower the number, the less heat penetrates the house. When a home is primarily air conditioned, the SHGC value is the correct rating to inquire about. Hurricane impact-resistant windows or doors with clear glass feature a SHGC of 0.72, while Bronze and Gray glass hold a 0.55 and 0.56 SHGC value, respectively.


Do impact-resistant windows and doors provide good Ultra-Violet protection?

  • Ultra-Violet (UV) beams, a portion of the solar spectrum not visible to the human eye, causes fabric to fade over time. When comparing UV readings, it is important to know that the lower the percentage, the more UV is being blocked. For example, a 0% U-V value means 100% blocking. Clear, gray and bronze impact-resistant windows and doors provide 100% protection, that is, 0% U-V penetration.

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