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How do I know when I need new windows?

  • There are many factors that might influence your choice to replace existing windows.

    • Your energy bills are high-and continue to increase

      • Your home too warm from heat penetrating your windows and doors in warmer weather

    • You’re concerned about the safety of your windows and doors

    • You want to decrease your home’s high insurance rate

    • Your old windows and doors are in constant disrepair

      • The glass of your windows and doors is cracked, damaged or the operating hardware is failing

      • Your windows are difficult to open or close

      • Your home’s existing windows and doors are faded, making your home look old and outdated

    • You’re looking to add “curb appeal” to sell your home


Why should I replace my windows?

  • Window replacement is a sensible idea for home-improvement. This is especially true if you choose well-made high-performance replacement windows. They will save you money because your home heating and cooling bills will be lower-and your home will be much more comfortable to live in. New windows will increase your home’s value and provide numerous benefits like enhanced levels of safety and security, greater beauty, low maintenance and ease of operation.



Why should I replace my windows now?

  • New 2010 building code changes have taken effect March 15 2012. Although these changes have been enforced differently in each municipality there is a movement in Tallahassee to get these changes enforced absolutely across all construction, new construction and remodeling. These changes represent an additional cost of approximately 30% additional to all newly installed windows and doors to meet the new requirements. While this battle is being fought out it is every one that is considering window and door replacement this work be done sooner than later as it will eventually cost more due to new code requirements. A new code is being drafted for issuance in 2015 and this will without question increase the price of replacing windows and doors.


What is the average cost for window replacement?

  • The average cost for window replacement with hurricane impact windows varies on the size of the windows. Regular sized windows start out at around $900 and up which includes installation.  When you are looking to replace your windows click "Request Estimate" on our site, or give us a call and we will happy to provide our free no-obligation estimate.

How should I compare one hurricane window to another?

  • This is a significant investment, so take your time to do your research prior to purchasing. Some important criteria to look for when making a decision are building code approvals, design pressure, glass criteria, installation techniques, and warranty.

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