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What are the benefits of storm door replacement?

Impact doors have many benefits

  • protection against top hurricane force winds, pressure and debris without the need for bulky shutters or plywood.

  • increase your property value.

  • Improve protection against sunlight which fades furniture, paint and also heats your home causing a rise in your energy bill.

  • qualify for insurance savings.

  • improve the energy efficiency of your home. Cooling your home will reduce your energy bill by 15%-25% depending on the type of glass you choose.

  • dramatically reduce outside noise.

  • help prevent burglaries. Most break-ins occur through a broken window or door - smashing glass gains them instant access. Impact glass is designed to withstand impact from debris at high speeds giving burglars a near impossible feat.


How can doors affect the structural integrity of my home?

An ineffective door during a strong tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado can cause a great difference in the inside vs. outside air pressure. As a result, your home is likely to lose its roof. Impact windows and doors will keep your home safer and give you peace of mind when storms threaten our area.


How are french doors different then patio doors?

Actually, many architects use French doors as patio doors. Patio doors are usually less elaborate in design. They may either be hinged and swing open, or they may slide from side to side on a track.

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